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enVista and enVista Toric Lenses

The enVista monofocal IOL delivers superb visual acuity, consistent performance, and outstanding patient outcomes. It is the clear choice for consistent visual excellence.

Because the eye is not a perfect optical system, due to its visual axis not passing through the center of the cornea, pupil, or lens, Dr. Stephenson has selected the enVista lens as her “go to” IOL. The enVista  monofocal IOL has a unique set of features that help compensate for the eye’s natural imperfections and delivers outstanding visual outcomes to a wide range of patients.

The enVista Toric IOL is the Clear Choice for Exceptional Astigmatism Management.

The toric version of the enVista IOL offers exacting astigmatism correction with dependable stability and pristine visual clarity. It all comes together in the proven enVista platform. Combining an advanced aberration-free optic with a distinctive design, the enVista toric IOL platform is proven to deliver exceptional rotational stability and excellent outcomes to cataract patients with astigmatism.

By correcting a patient’s astigmatism during cataract surgery, the patient will be less dependent on eyeglasses for their distance vision.