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Introducing the innovative ALLY Adaptive Cataract Treatment System, which stands as the pinnacle of advanced and patient-centered laser cataract surgery. This groundbreaking procedure reduces surgical time by 50 percent compared to standard methods, while enabling our skilled surgeons to achieve optimal visual outcomes.

Crafted by LENSAR, the pioneering ALLY System redefines cataract surgery by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art imaging and optimized femtosecond laser technologies into a compact, purpose-built apparatus.

This revolutionary platform simplifies the entirety of the cataract surgery journey within a singular, sterile environment, yielding time efficiencies and an elevated experience for both patients and surgeons. Beyond its efficacy improvements, ALLY incorporates exclusive components that empower surgeons to attain unparalleled clinical results. By harnessing its advanced Augmented Reality(TM) and Cataract Density Imaging capabilities, ALLY provides surgeons with unparalleled guidance and confidence during the surgical process.

Optimization from start to finish
Using Adaptive Intelligence™, ALLY will optimize the femtosecond laser and phacoemulsification treatments, with the goal of reducing overall energy delivered in the eye.