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As patients age they begin to lose their ability to focus on objects up close. This is caused by the development of an eye condition known as Presbyopia. By the time most adults reach their mid-forties, they require some sort of glasses to read menus, newspapers and so much more. As you age, the lenses in your eyes become less flexible, less transparent (cloudy) and thicker.  This is known as cataract development.  Dr. Stephenson offers several options that can help those who suffer from both presbyopia and cataracts.  One of the options is the Crystalens®.

The Crystalens® is an accommodating intraocular lens (IOL) that, unlike a standard IOL, can treat both a person’s cataracts and presbyopia. The Crystalens® help you eliminate your need for reading glasses after cataract surgery. It does so by recreating an accommodation similar to your eye’s natural lens.

The unique Crystalens® design was modeled after the human eye. Like the natural lens, it uses the eye muscles to flex and accommodate in order to focus on objects in the environment at all distances. Crystalens® has the ability to adjust rapidly to your visual needs.

Crystalens is:

Very few patients with the Crystalens have experienced problems with glare, halos and night vision. Crystalens focuses only one image to the back of the eye, unlike a multifocal lens that projects multiple images, requiring your brain to “adjust” to the differences.