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Stephenson Eye Associates is a comprehensive eye care provider. Dr. Dee Stephenson is a Board Certified Ophthalmic Surgeon with extensive expertise in micro-incisional cataract surgery and implantation of premium intra-ocular lenses, as well as laser surgery for the treatment of glaucoma, cornea and external eye disease, vision problems related to diabetes, and more.

Enhanced Benefits with Envista mx60e

EyewireTV — Compounded Cyclosporine Introduced; Victus Upgrades

Practice Growth Through Premium Cataract Surgery

Stand in the Way of Darkness ft. Common

TECNIS Symfony IOL Animation

2016 Summer Symposium - New Capsulotemy Techniques

2016 Summer Symposium - Stretching The Pupil

APX Video

Mastering Accommodating IOLs

Envista IOL


Early Cataract

Cataract Removal



FDA-Approved Products in Ophthalmology

Why it is Important to Address Astigmatism

The Recipe for Success With ORA System

In Vitro Results With Automated Anterior Capsulotomies

ASCRS 2016 NEW Orleans

Mastering Accomodating IOLs

Dee Stephenson, MD - Trulign

Dee Stephenson, MD - Trulign

Dr. Stephenson

LENSAR Laser Cataract System

Dr. Dee Stephenson speaks at world conference

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IFIS Strategies

Dee Stephenson, MD - Case Example (ASCRS 2015)

Dee Stephenson, MD - Cassini TCA & ORA Intraoperative Aberrometry Comparison

Dee Stephenson - Premium IOLs

Dee Stephenson - Premium IOLs

Dee Stephenson - Turn on the Lights

Introducing Trulign™ Toric Accommodating Intraocular Lenses

Advances in Intraoperative Aberrometry

Accuracy and Stability of Refractive Astigmatism Correction at Time of Cataract Surgery

"Competence, Confidence & Courage" OWL & ASPENS, April 17, 2015 Dee Stephenson, MD

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